Noblesse House Version 3.0 Update

Noblesse House announced that it will conduct accommodation and rental business through a two-month version of 3.0 update until July and August.

An official from Noblesse House said, "The project will be carried out in earnest with the 3.0 version update, and we will introduce real payment services through various collaborations of Noblessecoin's new equity investment coin NBLS, which is headquartered in Spain." "With the listing of additional overseas exchanges,
We are preparing to list on the Korean Coin Exchange.

Meanwhile, NBLH DAO Coin, which was newly invested and developed in Noblesse Coin, completed its listing on the MEXC exchange in July and is currently being traded.

Source: Coding World News (

02 September 2022 . 03:09 .Notice .20220729 min read

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